August, 14 20 I 7

Beginning Wednesday, August 16, 2017, we will be moving the parent pick up and drop off area to the rear of Sgt. Smith Middle School. We are hoping this change will alleviate congestion along Gunn Highway and help us make morning drop off and afternoon pick-up safe and efficient.

Once you enter the car ramp, you will be funneled into ONE car lane that spans the entire circumference of the parking lot. Once you pick up your child(ren), you will exit the ramp utilizing a RIGHT TURN ONLY back onto Citrus Pointe Drive. THERE WILL BE NO LEFT TURN OUT OF THE CAR AREA.

The area in front of Citrus Park Elementary will now be reserved for BUSES ONLY. There is NO PARKING allowed in the bus area.

Additionally, there is no parking allowed in the neighborhood across the street from the school. Parking in the neighborhood will result in a citation from law enforcement. Students should only be picked up on the car ramp and should not be encouraged to run across any roadway to meet their parents. 

Please contact the school for questions or concerns.